A woman hunting mushrooms in Nagano Prefecture of Japan.

The secret to living longer

Scattered all over the world are mysterious pockets of people who live past 100. What secrets can Australians, who should be living longer, learn from these ‘lands of immortality’? Our life expectancy is one-quarter...

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Auto Mechanic At Work

Workers Compensation Changes

iCare (formerly WorkCover) has taken control of the underwriting and credit functions of the Workers Compensation insurance system during 2017. How Does This Affect Your Business? From 1 March 2017 the placement of new...

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Boutique owner smiling and looking at camera

Do you need Business Interruption cover?

Have you thought about what would happen if your business had to close for three months following a disruption such as a major fire or storm?  Would your business survive? A recent survey of...

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Stressed driver

How to manage driver fatigue

It’s hard to imagine that driver fatigue related crashes are more likely to involve fatalities than non-driver fatigue related crashes.  Why is this? Did you know that driver fatigue related crashes are three times...

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Office Environment in a diverse office

Tips to be more active if you sit all day

This has been a topic that’s received quite a lot of coverage in the media over the last year or so.  If sitting is the new smoking, then what changes can you make to...

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