Premium Funding

Premium funding is ideal for those looking to avoid lump sum insurance payments and to free up cash flow.

Why you should use premium funding…

  • For ease of cash flow
  • To free up your existing lines of credit
  • You can use your money more effectively elsewhere in your business
  • Flexibility to pay up to 12 months for a yearly policy
  • Easy monthly payments

How it works

Our insurance premium funding is a simple, fixed rate loan which enables your business to spread the cost of insurance up to 12 months.

It allows you to avoid lump sum insurance payments, which means you can use your capital where it is most needed.

Premium funding offers fixed rates and costs may be tax deductible for your business.

There are no security requirements – the insurance policy itself acts as security.

Who we help

We offer premium funding to businesses with insurance premiums in excess of $500 per year.

Getting help with premium funding is easy

Call us on 1300 799 422, email us or pop in to speak with one of our friendly brokers who will be able to assess your needs and organise instalments to suit your cash flow.

Once you are happy to proceed, we will do the rest.

This can be done over the phone, face to face or via email.