Why choose Oxley Insurance Brokers?

We will provide you with:

  • Access to adequate and relevant advice for your insurance needs
  • Policies explained to you… no jargon
  • Personal claim service
  • The availability of regular reviews, where required, to keep pace with changes in your business
  • Visits at your premises, or at our local office for personal review meetings with your dedicated broker or adviser
  • We are committed to local communities and we employ highly qualified local people

Why choose an Oxley Insurance Broker as opposed to going to direct insurance?

  • You have direct access to your broker when you need them, in particular at time of claim (and no being ‘on hold’ with a call centre)
  • As a broker, we act on our client’s behalf, obtaining the right cover and getting the most out of what they are entitled to with a claim
  • We deal with more than 200 different insurance companies and insurance specialists around the world
  • Our brokers are in the insurance market every day and understand how to place your insurances properly, and for the right price

What type of insurances and services do you specialise in?

We specialise in:

  • Business Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Workers Compensation
  • Financial Planning
  • Premium Funding

Are all your brokers qualified?

All of our brokers have qualifications that meet the strict Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) regulatory requirements. We value regular personal development days to ensure our brokers are kept up to date with training and memberships with the National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA) and The Australian & New Zealand Institute of Insurance & Finance.

What’s the difference between a direct insurance agent and an insurance broker?

An insurance agent is a representative of an insurance company and sells insurance to clients only for products/services from that company. An insurance broker is the client’s representative and deal on their behalf with the insurance company, in the client’s best interests. At Oxley Insurance Brokers, we deal with over 200 different insurance companies to make sure you get what’s best for you.

Will I pay more to use an insurance broker?

You shouldn’t pay more as we use our market knowledge to your advantage by talking to multiple insurance companies. We ensure that we obtain the right cover at the right price.

In fact, not choosing a broker is highly likely to cost you more in the event of a claim.

What insurance policies do I need?

Your type of business and structure will determine the level of insurance policies that you need. With the ever changing risks and circumstances facing businesses today, our brokers are ready to advise on the latest policies. Our brokers will review your policy annually, and more frequently depending on your needs.

How long will it take me to get a policy?

It can depend on the complexity of the insurance required:

  • A simple policy will take less than one hour.
  • More complex policies could take a couple of days.

Will you act on my behalf with my best interests?

We have a strict code of conduct as part of our membership of National Insurance Brokers Association of Australia (NIBA) and as part of our commitment and service to our clients. This is of utmost importance in our business dealings.

Will you pass on my premiums?

We are an Australian Financial Services Licensee and are subject to stringent legislative requirements concerning the receipt and payment of premiums. We are also a member of the National Insurance Brokers Association of Australia (NIBA) and adhere to a strict code of conduct.

What do I do if my circumstances change?

You need to contact your broker to keep them informed so that they may provide you with timely advice. The risk exposure to your business may have changed, which will determine the level of insurance that you require.

What happens in the event of a claim?

You should make contact with your broker as soon as possible so that they can inform your insurer.

We will then notify your insurer of your claim, help you identify the next steps to recover from your loss and advise on the policy coverage to ensure that you receive everything that you are entitled to.

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