We love getting involved and supporting our local communities up and down the coast and here’s a snapshot of what we have participated in so far this year.

Newcastle Jets

Newcastle Jets A-League Team meet Taree Wildcats

We are proud to be a sponsor of the Taree Soccer Club, Taree Wildcats.

With our support, the club was able to host the Newcastle Jets A-League team for a training run with 250 of the local children.  The afternoon was a resounding success with A-League heroes giving their autographs.  Even the local state MP, Steve Bromhead attended, with the club looking at obtaining the right to occupy the new regional stadium in Taree, that would be to an international standard as the new home of the Wildcats!

Taree Soccer Club thanked us and said that without the support, they wouldn’t have been able to refresh their signage at the Omaru Park, supply their players with training shirts or provide new club shirts.  We want to say, it’s our pleasure!

Flynns Beach Take Away

Flynn’s Beach Take Away

Oxley Insurance Brokers in the community.

We are all about people. Protecting your business, your future and your lifestyle.

December last year, a few weeks before Christmas.  The holiday season was kicking off. One of our favourite local beachside cafés experienced a devastating fire that could have put them out of business and made them homeless.

It all happened so quickly.  A thermostatic regulator in the deep fryer malfunctioned, causing the oil to reach dangerously high temperatures.  The young girl serving in the restaurant noticed that the oil in the deep fryer had turned black. Thinking quickly, she turned it off and then turned her back to continue her work.  A passer-by saw flames coming out of the deep fryer and raced inside, grabbing the fire extinguisher and bravely extinguished the fire, saving the young girl’s life.  Both shaken from the incident they stepped outside for some fresh air. At this time, the heat in the oil combusted causing enormous damage to everything inside. The fire brigade came and made the building safe.  Damage to both the business and the building was extensive.

Through a combination of insurance payouts to the landlord and Flynns Beach Take Away, the business has been painstakingly restored to a fabulous new local restaurant.

Oxley Insurance Brokers brought together the landlord, the tenant, the assessors, the builders and the underwriters to help facilitate a solution to the tragedy.

As you can see, this was beyond anyone’s control so our aim is to make sure you are covered for the unimaginable, unforeseeable event and ensure you can work, live and continue running your business with absolute peace of mind.

Holiday Coast Credit Union Greater Port Macquarie Business Awards 2016. Pic: Lindsay Moller Photography

Congrats to Tanya Simmons!

As proud sponsors of the 2016 Holiday Coast Credit Union Greater Port Macquarie Business Awards, Director Grant Richmond was pleased to present a Business Leader award to Tanya Simmons of Bennett’s Steel. Tanya is a dynamic larger-than-life character and an advocate for local business who is a deserving winner of the award. Congratulations Tanya!


The race is on…

Luke Trevenar participated in the Port Macquarie Triathlon on Sunday 18 December as a member and as part of our sponsorship for this year’s race.  It was a fun day out for all participants and spectators. 


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